Personal Loans: Pros and Cons

Are you planning to take a personal loan? Are you looking for the pros and cons of a personal loan? If you are, this article will help you learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of personal loans.

A personal loan is similar to an installment loan that gives you money in bulk, and you have to repay it on a monthly or yearly basis. The personal loan interest rates are fixed and will not change while compensating.

Personal loans help you to meet your requirements. Apart from it, a personal loan also has other benefits. You can also face several difficulties in taking and repaying personal loans. You will find common pros and cons of personal loans. Let’s see the pros of this loan in the next section.

Pros – Personal Loan

You can avail uncountable benefits by taking a personal loan. This loan is more beneficial than other types of loans. The following are some common advantages of personal loans –

  1. Flexible

Personal loans are flexible borrow. Some types of loans require a specific reason for borrowing. For example, you can only use a home loan to purchase a home. At the same time, you can use personal loans for any reason. From paying the bill to the life events, you can use this loan for any purpose of your life.

Personal loans are also flexible to repay as the borrower can choose the repay term as per their needs. This helps in reducing the burden of repaying the loan.

  1. No Collateral Damage

You don’t have to give your house or car to the lenders as security for the loan. Personal loans do not require collateral in many cases. So you can repay your loan without the worry about collateral.

  1. Lower Competitive Rates

The annual percentage rates (APR) of personal loans are comparatively lower than rates of other loans and credit cards.

The benefits mentioned above of the personal loans are just a short view. You can avail yourself of more advantages like quick deposit, no high credit score, and more with this loan.

Cons – Personal Loans

In this section, you will get the cons of borrowing personal loans. The following are some common disadvantages of a personal loan

  1. High-Interest Rates

A personal loan has higher interest rates than other secure loans. The average interest rates of this loan are between 12% to 20% which is 2% higher than other secured loans.

  1. Processing Fees

Some lenders and banks also cut processing fees from the loan, which affects the total amount of the loan. The processing fees for personal loans are higher than the processing fees of other loans.

  1. Strict Repayment

The repayment rules of personal loans are stricter than other loans. However, lenders give flexibility in choosing the repayment period. But you cannot change it after selecting. In case a borrower cannot repay it on time provided by the borrower. Then Lenders or a bank will take legal action against the borrower.

Apart from these cons, personal loans also have some other disadvantages like strict eligibility criteria, increased debt, and more.


You can take personal loans from a bank, lenders, and more. Personal loans are unsecured loans, and a person who has a 580 credit score can take these loans.

As with all types of loans, personal loans also have disadvantages and advantages. We have given you some common pros and cons in this article. We hope that this article will help you understand the pros and cons of personal loans.

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