The Thirteen Body Types Test

Various kibbe body types come from an overall proportion of the whole body structure, body flesh, or facial features.

There are 13 Kibbe body types, we will look into archetypes in detail and begin learning about different clothing styles.

Different Kibbe Body Types


The dramatic body type is sharp yang and comes from a robust and muscular physique. It also shows excellent reserve and charismatic features. Suitable for people that hit the gym.

Soft Dramatic

The body type comes with sharp yang with an underlying yin and is a combination of bold and exotic with a sensual essence.


The unique nature of this body type has soft and sharp yang combined with a muscular physique and a free spirit. Suitable for playful, spirited individuals.

Soft Yang

The body type is made up of soft yang and combines a broad and angular physique and a nice blend of fresh, open spirit. Kids that have fresh spirits are suitable for this outfit.

Soft Natural

This body type is created by soft yang, a blend of tin, and a gentle and fleshy body type with an angular frame made from an appealing essence. People that are gentle with an energetic feel will love this outfit.

Dramatic Classic

The whole body type is adequately defined by an excellent balanced yin and yang, which is more towards the yang part. It is combined with an angular physique and sophisticated essence.


The whole body type is an excellent blended balance with a combination of yin and yang, a good combination, a symmetrical physique, and a good, cold essence.

Soft Classic

The whole body type is another combination created from the yin and yang, but it is more to the yin side. It represents soft physicality with a refined essence.

Flamboyant Gamine

The body type is created by combining yin and yang features with extra yang elements. It has a small variety with angular physicality and a brassy essence.


The body type is created by yin and yang opposites, and a muscular physique and delicacy nature combined to form a spicy essence.

Soft Gamine

The whole body type is a potent combination of yin and yang and more yin. The variety of a round body type and different features comes with an angular frame with a happy, playful spirit.

Lush Yin

The romantic feature of the body type is called the lush yin, which has a soft physique and a magnetic essence—meant for feminine women.


When you know what your Kibbe’s body type is, you can fit the proper clothing to match your body shape and look fabulous no matter what type of clothing you wear. Many people do not know what dress matches their Kibbe body ID, so it might be challenging to get the clothes that suit them.

Shine in flattering silhouettes, and start wearing clothes matching your body shape. Everyone is different. To find the right outfit for yourself. Try shining naturally in your dressing.

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