Why Do You Need An Egress Window Cover?

Egress windows are something you must have nowadays in all the basements, whether in the bedroom or the living room! You need one, so don’t doubt it! Different dimensions and requirements are necessary to install an egress window, so you should read more here. Although these are not required, they are still recommended.

Do You Need An Egress Window?

Purpose of Getting an Egress Window

As we have talked about lately, the objective of using an egress window to get an emergency exit is creating a living space in the basement. If you wish to turn the basement into a lovely living area without egress windows, install them!

You might not install egress windows in other cases, but they must still meet the local codes. Thus, you might have to contact the local building inspector to meet the local code requirements for the area and make the right measurements accordingly.

Different Types of Egress Windows

There are a lot of different egress windows that you can choose from! Some of the newly furnished houses use egress windows! It does not matter which type of egress window you use; as long as it meets the requirements, it is accepted!

  • Double Hung Egress Windows

Different egress window styles are commonly found in new and old apartments. When dealing with the egress windows, you will see overlapping sashes covering the window well covers. They also need to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Sliding Windows

This egress window will open from side to side, like a sliding door. It has to be 55 inches wide and 41 inches tall.

  • Casement Windows

These windows are like a hinge. They can be opened with a handle or a rotating lever. While the casement window can open up, you can get a smaller one if you wish to.

Benefits of Getting an Egress Window Cover

  • Saves Money and Energy

The cover on the egress window well will save energy by adding more insulation. Basement windows could have better air temperature when it is on their own.

  • Making Your Home More Secure

As egress window covers are opened from the inner part rather than the outer part, they can give you peace of mind and make sure that intruders are out. Moreover, they also act as a deterrent, rather than just installing a white elephant in the house.

  • Acting As a Storm Barrier

As the egress window is meant for safety, you want to make sure the egress window is always in the best shape. A good egress window cover will protect the window from flood and storm damage. It also prevents any water from seeping into the house.

  • Keeping Debris Out

A good window well can accumulate debris quickly, and it can let the animal hide as well. Getting a good egress window cover will save you the trouble of clearing it up, too.

  • Adding More Safety

If you have children running around in your house, getting a window well cover ensures the kids don’t drop their toys and get injured.


Now that you know that it is crucial to get egress window covers, it is time to get one today!

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